JumpStartFund project “Virtual Reality from Space” @wejumpstart

Chicago Needs Space

JumpStartFund has selected the “Virtual Reality In Space” idea to progress on to project state.  Given this combines two of my favorite things, I’m especially interested.   From the JumpStartFund page:

Imagine every Elementary School, High School and College having the VR hardware so that every schoolchild in America and around the world could be inspired by this technology. The technology should be made available to every public library as well. And of course, to consumers.

The dominant deployment idea being bandied about is to put small, high-def cameras at various points on the ISS cupola, and then broadcast them back to earth in a VR-friendly format.  There are, naturally, a variety of technical and operational challenges to work through.   In no particular order, and by no means complete:  Deploying inside vs. outside the ISS has various trade-offs, available bandwidth and traffic prioritization over TDRSS (and within the ISS network…

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