All Hail Medium-Term Planning

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#Amazon Releases Its Own Game Engine For Free #cloud

  1. Yet another way they are going to drive more demand toward AWS
  2. A terrific example of “castle and moat” business strategy

Amazon’s releasing their very own game engine. Lumberyard, as they call it, is based on Crytek’s famous CryEngine, and can be used to develop games for both PC and consoles. It’s also free to download, and comes with “no seat fees, subscription fees, or requirements to share revenue.”


Source: Amazon Releases Its Own Game Engine For Free

Ecosystem participation is one of the top 5 factors to shape The Fortune 500 over the next 10 years

Some interesting nuggets:

  • Of the 500 companies on the list 60 years ago, only 65 (or 13%) are part of the ranking today
  • Less than half of the Fortune 500 companies that were on the list two decades ago made the cut in 2015—or 43%.

Companies are going to look very different 10 years from now.  Playing nice in your ecosystem is essential.

Source: Cathy Engelbert: The Fortune 500 will look a lot different in 10 years – Fortune

The End of #Advertising As We Know It | Michael Wolff | LinkedIn

Very thought-provoking article, with plenty of insight, and probably fodder for argument amongst ad-land folks.  The commoditization of advertising is something that resonates strongly, however, and we see it around us all the time.

The implication is that efficiency, measurement and integrated payment facilitation are ascendant, while “mad men” and their “theatrical consumer fantasies” are in decline.  That’s good for technology, in any case.

Again, an interesting article that will, I suspect, spark some controversy.

via The End of Advertising As We Know It | Michael Wolff | LinkedIn.