The End of #Advertising As We Know It | Michael Wolff | LinkedIn

Very thought-provoking article, with plenty of insight, and probably fodder for argument amongst ad-land folks.  The commoditization of advertising is something that resonates strongly, however, and we see it around us all the time.

The implication is that efficiency, measurement and integrated payment facilitation are ascendant, while “mad men” and their “theatrical consumer fantasies” are in decline.  That’s good for technology, in any case.

Again, an interesting article that will, I suspect, spark some controversy.

via The End of Advertising As We Know It | Michael Wolff | LinkedIn.


#beacons among top 7 projected areas for #technology spend in 2015. great news if supplements #dpbm networks

The main themes below.

  1. more big data.  No surprise there.
  2. Competitors to Amazon’s cloud services.  IMO, new entrants (unless super specialized/niche) don’t have a chance.  Microsoft and Google on the other hand….  (also, btw, a fan of Digital Ocean)
  3. Enterprise mobile apps.  Yawn.
  4. Security.  It’s about time.
  5. Docker and similar container technologies.
  6. Adapting sharing economy for the enterprise.  This one is kind of interesting to think about, but I’m not sure how ground-breaking the examples cited actually are.  For example, rentacoder has been around for years.
  7. Beacons.  Here’s a good introductory article describing the intersection between beacons and digital place-based media (DPBM)

Enterprise Tech Predictions For 2015 By VCs – Business Insider.