Ecosystem participation is one of the top 5 factors to shape The Fortune 500 over the next 10 years

Some interesting nuggets:

  • Of the 500 companies on the list 60 years ago, only 65 (or 13%) are part of the ranking today
  • Less than half of the Fortune 500 companies that were on the list two decades ago made the cut in 2015—or 43%.

Companies are going to look very different 10 years from now.  Playing nice in your ecosystem is essential.

Source: Cathy Engelbert: The Fortune 500 will look a lot different in 10 years – Fortune


Forrester Report: Greater Transparency is Critical to #Programmatic Success for Publishers – @Equinix Forum

This article rings especially true given my prior experience in ad technology (well, a small niche of the industry, anyway).  We weren’t doing programmatic, but there was much hew and cry over the problems of programmatic, real and imagined.  This is a very interesting take from the other side of the table.

As programmatic gains traction with marketers, publishers require more information and sophisticated tools to thrive.  Four findings:

  • Lack of transparency costs publishers revenue
  • Lack of transparency undermines marketer performance
  • Transparency is good for publishers and marketers alike
  • Rapid ad tech innovation necessitates constant effort to start out front.

Source: Forrester Report: Greater Transparency is Critical to Programmatic Success for Publishers – Equinix Forum

Successfully Fending Off Distributed Denial of Service Attacks #cybersecurity #infosec

The NBIP [a nonprofit, Dutch-shared services center for Internet service providers] “national scrubbing center” has been running for over a year with an impressive success rate. The center automatically detects any DDoS attack in under 30 seconds and mitigates 99% of the DDoS attacks in under two minutes. It has proven to be a secure and reliable solution
and is so inexpensive, ISPs can afford to offer it to their customers as a free service. Said Baauw, “NBIP is vital to Dutch digital infrastructure, making the Netherlands a safer place to host your digital business.”

via Successfully Fending Off Distributed Denial of Service Attacks | InterConnections – The Equinix Blog.