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#EnterpriseArchitecture Trends Through 2018

The list below is from about a year or so ago, but it is interesting to think about side by side with Gartner’s observation about the “re-internalization” of IT.  That is, perhaps to the surprise of some, as digital business transformations gain steam, CEO’s are bringing technology back into the enterprise’s core because of its importance to maintaining competitive advantage.

Enterprises are grappling with how to integrate their new innovative “Fast IT” practices with the business critical, risk-averse functions dependent upon “Slow IT.”  Enterprise Architecture is where to look.

1. By 2018, 40% of EA teams will be recognized as leaders by their main focus on disruptive technologies application to drive business innovation.

2. By 2018, 40% of EA teams will be in charge of creating the company’s digital business strategy.

3. By 2018, the new financial aspects of connections will drive companies to increase investments in connected physical systems and resources by 30%.

4. By 2018, 20% of EA teams will utilize business ecosystem modeling to predict and recognize business moments.

5. By 2017, 20% of EA teams will be in charge of recognizing new business designs that influence business algorithms.

Source: Enterprise Architecture Trends for 2016