Acoustic recognition:  The Anti- #Drone Business Is About to Take Off

Companies Like DroneShield are here to fulfill all of your anti-UAV needs

Source: The Anti-Drone Business Is About to Take Off


#Drones and citizen journalism: Donetsk Int’l Airport Terminal, 1/15/2015

Random discovery folks.  This is 3D-processed drone video of the Donetsk airport.  Allegedly captured by pro-Ukraine citizens with a (likely commercial) drone, processed by other citizens and placed into the public domain for further sharing, analysis, .. you could even 3D print a model of it.  Very powerful implications from the combination of technologies.

UntitledCheck out the link below for an interactive version of the image.

Donetsk Int’l Airport Terminal
by Matthew Schroyer
on Sketchfab

4 favs from CES day 1 news bites yesterday….. #drones and #virtualreality

Sadly, not at CES this year.  But, here’s a couple of notable gadgets that, each in their own way, point to the future.

  • Open Source Virtual Reality platform, being put together by Razer.
  • Pinć : Pronounced “Pinch”.  OK, so I’m not 100%  sure if this made a CES appearance, but thought I saw it on a headline.   But it’s a cool idea.  Virtual reality headset + phone case combination (Indiegogo campaign).  Supposedly supports Google Cardboard apps, too.
  • The Nixie wearable drone
  • Dish TV’s new streaming service.  Not because of the streaming itself, but rather because of DishTV’s willingness to risk cannibalizing part of the business in order to innovate.

Chicago Startups to Watch: 15 Tech Companies Growing in Chicago | Chicago Inno

Some of the top Chicago-area start-ups to keep an eye on in the new year:

  • Opternative:  My 2nd favorite.  Eye exams + lens prescriptions online, from comfort of your home (& your webcam).
  • Lyteshot:  Sounds like real-world/online/augmented reality gaming hybrid.
  • ReliefWatch:  allows multinational NGOs to report inventory records and disease cases via text and automated voice calls, getting around spotty internet coverage in much of the world
  • Innoblative:  Alternative to radiation treatment.
  • Outernet: Repurpose satellite TV equipment into wifi hotspots, for areas with limited internet coverage, or government content blocking.
  • Raise:  marketplace for buying and selling gift cards
  • Breakwater: $23 million floating island in Lake Michigan.
  • Anarchist: My personal favorite.  Virtual reality to improve productivity and collaboration.,
  • Fan Pay: proposes using crowdfunding to collect donations and pay players, with the idea being that pages would be created for athletes where friends, family, and yes, fans, could donate money
  • Keeper Security: a zero knowledge security provider that stores your passwords and digital files in a military grade encrypted vault.
  • SiNode: develops advanced materials for the next generation of lithium-ion batteries.
  • 640 Labs: The company uses analytics and cloud computing to collect massive amounts of agricultural information and deliver the data to farmers’ mobile devices
  • SpiderSense: Another one of my favs – I’d previously heard about this from a professor close to the project.  Sensors tell you, physically, when you’re close to an object, etc.  It’s a perfect device for the blind, but the company says it could also be effective when used by firefighters or other officials who work in low-visibility environments.
  • LifeLine Response:   an app that immediately alerts authorities when you’re in danger, and it hopes to soon deploy drones to those same people.
  • AMPY: a handheld device that captures your kinetic energy as you move and stores it so you can charge your phone, smartwatch, fitness tracker, or any other USB-powered device.  (kicking myself for this one – had similar idea it’s got to be almost 15 years ago ……)

via Chicago Startups to Watch: 15 Tech Companies Growing in Chicago | Chicago Inno.