4 favs from CES day 1 news bites yesterday….. #drones and #virtualreality

Sadly, not at CES this year.  But, here’s a couple of notable gadgets that, each in their own way, point to the future.

  • Open Source Virtual Reality platform, being put together by Razer.
  • Pinć : Pronounced “Pinch”.  OK, so I’m not 100%  sure if this made a CES appearance, but thought I saw it on a headline.   But it’s a cool idea.  Virtual reality headset + phone case combination (Indiegogo campaign).  Supposedly supports Google Cardboard apps, too.
  • The Nixie wearable drone
  • Dish TV’s new streaming service.  Not because of the streaming itself, but rather because of DishTV’s willingness to risk cannibalizing part of the business in order to innovate.