#Tesla’s (TSLA) Elon Musk mentioned an obscure history book and it’s now sold out — Quartz

Twelve Against the Gods – an old history book.  Already have this one in my collection, happily.  Finally, some benefit to being a book nut and buying everything at the library used book sales…. probably got my copy for $0.25.  (and no, you can’t borrow my copy 🙂 )

Source: Tesla’s (TSLA) Elon Musk mentioned an obscure history book and it’s now sold out — Quartz


New book to check out: Business Demand Design Aligning IT Strategy and Results to Business Drivers

Check out this new book, co-authored by former colleague Shep Narkier.  Shep’s one of the best enterprise architects I know.  From the description:


This Enterprise Architecture book addresses the CIO, CTO, and IT strategist. The book will cover these points in detail: How the CIO can truly prioritize, align, enable, and transform IT into highly effective value creation function. How to assess and estimate the true value of IT initiatives based on the summation of expected return and the total cost of ownership. How to plan, design, and transform IT based on the proposed powerful framework called the IT Convergence Model.

Just ordered the book myself – looking forward to reading it!



Business Demand Design Aligning IT Strategy and Results to Business Drivers: Weaving the Fabric of Business and IT Strategies

Recommended reading: @vzdbir’s #cybersecurity Data Breach Investigations Report @vzenterprise

I don’t know how I’d missed this before, but glad I found it.  Better later than never, I guess.   The Data Breach Investigations Report is an annual report from Verizon’s Enterprise group summarizing the prior year’s IT security incidents.  The 2014 report is the most recent available, and covers 20123 incidents.

Of particular value in the 2014 edition are the high-level threat patterns, and the mapping of threats and recommendations against major industry verticals.   They identified that 92% of security incidents in 2013 could be grouped into just nine different attack patterns.   That doesn’t magically reduce the number of vulnerabilities your IT organization has to contend with, but it does provide a useful framework for understanding the stream of hacking news, and a launching off point for prioritizing security investments for your own firm.

I have to also commend the DBIR authors for making the document highly readable to make the material more accessible for non-CISO types.   I highly recommend this report for all senior IT managers and executives, especially those who don’t have the CISO title.

Very much looking forward to their 2015 report.  The 2014 report is linked below – read it.

2014 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) | Verizon Enterprise Solutions.

Recommended books, business and otherwise, from Elon Musk

Elon Musk Favorite Books – Business Insider.