Forrester Report: Greater Transparency is Critical to #Programmatic Success for Publishers – @Equinix Forum

This article rings especially true given my prior experience in ad technology (well, a small niche of the industry, anyway).  We weren’t doing programmatic, but there was much hew and cry over the problems of programmatic, real and imagined.  This is a very interesting take from the other side of the table.

As programmatic gains traction with marketers, publishers require more information and sophisticated tools to thrive.  Four findings:

  • Lack of transparency costs publishers revenue
  • Lack of transparency undermines marketer performance
  • Transparency is good for publishers and marketers alike
  • Rapid ad tech innovation necessitates constant effort to start out front.

Source: Forrester Report: Greater Transparency is Critical to Programmatic Success for Publishers – Equinix Forum


The End of #Advertising As We Know It | Michael Wolff | LinkedIn

Very thought-provoking article, with plenty of insight, and probably fodder for argument amongst ad-land folks.  The commoditization of advertising is something that resonates strongly, however, and we see it around us all the time.

The implication is that efficiency, measurement and integrated payment facilitation are ascendant, while “mad men” and their “theatrical consumer fantasies” are in decline.  That’s good for technology, in any case.

Again, an interesting article that will, I suspect, spark some controversy.

via The End of Advertising As We Know It | Michael Wolff | LinkedIn.