Other blogs by me

Current Blogs:

  • Chicago Needs Space:  Tracking the happenings and goings-on of the space industry is a hobby for me, especially in the so-called “NewSpace” sector.  Here I post various bits of space-related stuff of interest, and especially try to advocate for Chicago to encourage more investment from space-related companies.   http://chicagoneedsspace.wordpress.com

Old Blogs:

  • IM Roadmap:  This started out focused on enterprise instant message technologies and best practices.  Over time it evolved to cover collaboration more generally, including virtual reality, telepresence, technology in the movies and more.  Also known as IMR, this blog has since been retired.
  • Project Road:  A blog a wrote for a while after completing PMP certification.  PMP certification is often expensive, with various boot camps promoted, etc.  This blog was focused on getting your PMP on a budget.  This blog has since been retired.
  • What is SecondLife:  This blog was originally started by a friend and former colleague, Graham Lawlor (who also contributed early to IM Roadmap).  I took over and did a few posts after he moved on to do other things.  Also know as WISL, this blog has since been retired.  Before it was retired, I started moving content that would have originally gone to WISL to IMR.

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