Hands-on with #VirtualReality Projector SCALee – VRFocus

This is like a one-wall version of the CAVE, invented at University of Illinois at Chicago back in 1991.  VR falls into two broad categories:   head-mounted and non-head-mounted.  But both work on the principle of slightly different images being processed by each eye to create a stereoscopic image in the viewers vision.  Systems like Scalee, and the original CAVE, show left and right images overlaid on each other, and then the glasses quickly shutter left and right lenses in a super-fast alternating pattern to trick them into only seeing the correct image for each eye.  I don’t know how Scalee works, but the original CAVE as I recall used LCD shutter glasses.  I’ve been in the original CAVE, the new CAVE2 (also by UIC – it’s far and away the state of VR art), and also have several of the current HMD rigs.  Not yet a Scalee though.  But, the CAVE/wall approach, in my personal experience, generated alot less eye fatigue, headaches and motion sickness.


Source: Hands-on with VR Projector SCALee – VRFocus


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