Gartner on #IoT adoption in India (with some extrapolations)

The article referenced below is focused on IoT adoption in India, but there are a couple of observations that I believe can be fairly extrapolated more broadly.

  • Companies who implement IOT will see storage spending, and by extension, data center spending increase.
  • Server (compute) spend will be most affected where IoT can generate positive value fastest.  Where IoT value is marginal, incremental server spend will have to compete for budget.

One thing specific to India, was that the government seems to be driving IoT adoption more aggressively than the commercial sector.  Granted this article is from May, but the article highlights that the government sector there was taking early steps to pave IoT adoption, such as industrial corridors, energy management, transportation and water quality.

Indian enterprises are at the early stages of understanding the impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) on their business, according to Gartner, Inc. While the concept of IoT is not completely foreign to Indian enterprises, adoption will advance at a slow pace through 2020.

Source: Gartner Says Internet of Things Adoption in India Will Advance at a Slow Pace Through 2020


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