Where the #Digital #Economy Is Moving the Fastest

Harvard Business Review, and some of their partners, have put together an index to measure “digital evolution” in various countries around the world.  The chart below shows current position vs. movement.   For the major economies, not many surprises.  Some of the European countries surprised me, especially the Netherlands.

I’d have to dig into the methodology and calculations behind the index, below, to fully trust the analysis.  With that said, it is thought-provoking.  It’s interesting to also think of this against the backdrop of Mary Meeker’s recent big 2015 internet analysis/presentation.

Their “Digital Evolution Index (DEI)” is based on four broad drivers:

  1. Supply-side factors (including access, fulfillment, and transactions infrastructure)
  2. Demand-side factors (including consumer behaviors and trends, financial and Internet and social media savviness )
  3. Innovations (including the entrepreneurial, technological and funding ecosystems, presence and extent of disruptive forces and the presence of a start-up culture and mindset)
  4. Institutions (including government effectiveness and its role in business, laws and regulations and promoting the digital ecosystem).

Here’s one question to dig into further – which of the above four factors are the best leading indicators for interconnected and interdependent digital industrial ecosystems?  Intuition suggests supply-side factors, with demand-side factors also informative.


via Where the Digital Economy Is Moving the Fastest – HBR.


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