#Wearable (& #VirtualReality) tech’s transformative effect on #retail – but where’s #DPBM ?

Great article below, showcasing some ideas on how wearable technologies have the potential to transform retail.  The article doesn’t address any of the technical deficiencies for the Apple Watch that have been reported in the tech press, so I think the pace of retail-to-wearable integration may lag wearable adoption rates as a consequence.  Apple Watch developers report a variety of challenges that could drive users crazy, so until those are resolved Watch apps may be modest.  But, I think that the overall point of the article is well taken.

They also reference the possibility of leveraging virtual reality, which is something I’ve blogged about before.  VR to test out products is going to be a whole new ad category.  The product becomes the ad, essentially.  For example, imagine virtually “sitting” in a perfect replica of a new Mustang, before logging in to a new VR-based racing game.

One thing I think is missing, unfortunately, is significant awareness in the Digital Place-Based Media category (DPBM).  The intersections in this case would be between wearables and DPBM.    The integration pace here would probably be even slower than retail, because of the high capital cost of upgrading/installing sensors etc at screen locations.  And, slow/laggy wearable app performance, as reported for Apple Watch, would be an even bigger hassle for DPBM where dwell times may be shorter than a given retail visit.  BUT….. I still contend there is huge possibility.  A variety of new engagement and measurement opportunities will open up as these devices gain popularity.

via Wearable tech’s transformative effect on retail | Gadgets & Gear | BDlive.


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