How (& WHY) CIOs Thrive as Chief Integration Officers – Deloitte CIO – WSJ

According to the Harvard Business Review, 57% of business and technology leaders surveyed view IT as an investment that drives innovation and growth. At many organizations, it is increasingly difficult to separate business strategy from technology*.

Furthermore, in the article at the bottom, Deloitte highlights that it’s the CIO who is able to make the link between strategy and technology.  This is evidenced by the emergence and growth of the “Chief Integration Officer”.

But Why?  The article made me think of Gartner analyst Laura McLellan’s prediction back in 2012 that by 2017 CMO’s will be spending more on IT than CIO’s.  In fact, I think decomposing her 2012 analysis tells us why CIOs are well suited for Chief Integration Officer.

Let’s focus on the four categories that were highlighted as essential to strong partnerships between IT and Marketing:

  1. Integration
  2. Risk Management
  3. Compliance
  4. Customer Experience

(for details on these, see the article linked above).

I would argue that the CIO/CTO will tend to be more literate and comfortable than CMO’s with the first three.  To whatever extent risk management, for example, is an issue for a given industry, it is IT who will have codified it, implemented it, and on a daily basis manage it in the company’s systems.  The ways of approaching those issues already exist in IT’s DNA.

via How CIOs Thrive as Chief Integration Officers – Deloitte CIO – WSJ.

* As they say, however, culture eats strategy for breakfast.  If you can’t execute and close the sale, strategy won’t save you.  Business development has to execute.


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