Motivation and Working Remotely (part 4 in “#culture” series)

There’s some useful thinking on approaching remote working arrangements strategically.  Start at slide 15.

UntitledA few of the points that resonated strongly with my experience:

  • Heavily leverage instant messaging/chat, file sharing tools, web conferencing etc.  (My $0.02:  People, please pick some good tools.  The vast majority of text-based chat these days is cr*p.  I’ll repost some of my old IM Roadmap articles, but here are two tips:  Make sure it supports persistent groups, and on-screen white-space is evil.  The default mode should be small fonts, high-information density, etc.  Otherwise, what’s the point?)
  • The “workplace” should now be viewed as a 24/7 thing.  Everyone should be encouraged to work when and where they want. (My $0.02: In trade for that flexibility the employees need to anticipate and accommodate odd-hour work.  I don’t buy into the growing narrative that it’s bad to have people responding to email at 9pm or 5am.  Ignore those lazy people.  Why discourage passionate and productive colleagues?)
  • Virtual teams expand your available talent pool.
  • Use video conferencing every day.
  • Meet as a team face-to-face when possible.   (My $0.02:  Don’t forget about Tuckman’s stages of group development.  After “norming”, you’ll actually need in-person interaction WAY less than you think you do.)

via How to Keep People Motivated When Working Remotely.


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