Samsung Redesigns Its #VirtualReality Headset to Fit the Galaxy S6

OK, a bit more VR news.  Samsung has released a new headset to go with the Galaxy S6 phone.



Apps and app availability pretty much the same as the similar rig for the Note 4.  This is really just a (mostly) dumb headset to hold your S6 while it does all the VR goodness.  It has a few buttons on the headset itself, which if you haven’t used Google Cardboard, trust me, those will be appreciated.  With that said, $200 is pretty steep for what you get.

If you’re only interested in Google Cardboard apps, or that’s where you want to start out in your VR adventures, check out something like the AGPtek ColorCross.  Does almost everything as the Samsung headset, but works with any 4″-7″ phone/tablet, and costs less than $40.  We use these in our Builder.Works events, with kids eagerly taking turns, yanking it on and off each other’s faces.  Takes a beating and works awesomely. 



via Samsung Redesigns Its VR Headset to Fit the Galaxy S6 | WIRED.


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