#Technology vendors to #banking, others in #China forced to use equipment with #cybersecurity back-doors, decryption keys, etc.

Looking down the road a few years, if these behaviors continue, and there’s no reason to think they won’t, the technology world has one of two possible outcomes.  One outcome has US and other foreign technology vendors caving to Chinese govt demands for their source code, security back-doors, etc.  This would long-term undermine those vendors’ strategic competitive positions and critically erode US national security.  Cybercrime and intellectual property theft are well documented from China.  The other outcome has US vendors refusing, or being disallowed by US regulation, and a gradual balkanization of Chinese vs. non-Chinese technologies.  A possible middle-ground would be a new, perhaps lower, tier of export controls where the US authorities can review potential risks before sale to Chinese companies.

An important space to watch.

via New Tension on Tech Rules From China | NDTV Gadgets.


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