ResourceSpace: #OpenSource Digital Asset Management (DAM)

I have to give a plug for this incredibly awesome piece of open source software.  ResourceSpace is a digital asset management system, which is a fancy way of saying it’s a library for video, audio, photos and other files.  Very common category of software (or, at least it should be) in agencies, ad departments, brand development teams, and any one else who deals with alot of multimedia.  ResourceSpace is really solidly put together, and has a very comprehensive set of features.  Easily create and manage collections, tags/keywords, upload/download, all the usual stuff that, yes, is really basic and should just be expected.  But, the implementation is quite good.  Things like user management are a breeze as well.  One nice bonus, is how you can share assets with individuals outside your organization super-easily, with various levels of security, optional auto-expiration, etc.  The OneDrive’s and Box’s of the world should take note.

A great example of an open source project that is does what it says, very well, and with polish.

via ResourceSpace: Open Source Digital Asset Management (DAM) Software.


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