100-hour weeks mean bad #management, not #passion

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Chronicles of Digital Failure: Data Blunders

Part of an occasional series of missives on the failures and foibles of digital transformations.

A consequence of so-called “digital transformation” is that business departments take on responsibilities that IT departments once did (or should have been doing).  In some cases, the IT department never did that given function, or never did it well, and the business department takes on that task.  Other times, the IT department abdicates its responsibility, and instead just admires the problem as though they were another uninvolved spectator.

Most often, though, business departments do things because now with cloud, etc, they can.  And they can do it increasingly independent of IT involvement or oversight.  However, we should not confuse SaaS-enabled apparent self-sufficiency with actual competence.  Business users have neither the knowledge, skill, or temperament to do things correctly.

Today’s example:

Intentionally corrupting reference data to match ad hoc (manually generated) project data, because the ad hoc data’s errors were annoying.

The business user does not understand the long-term cost of this unforced error.  Because their day job focuses on the tactical output of dozens of such discrete tasks associated with projects or campaigns, they do not care about the strategic or long-term consequences.

AI Is Coming for Some IT Jobs – Datamation

“AI is most successful in addressing problems that are reasonably well-defined and narrow in scope, whereas humans excel at defining problems that need to be solved and at solving complex problems” : that’s the same thing often said for off-shoring projects.
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